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Student Life

We aim to provide a fostering, warm, and welcoming environment to support each client. Imperial House is built around the pillars of therapeutic support, academic success, tailored nutrition, creative and personal development, and recreational therapy. With an experienced, trusted on-site staff, we provide a blueprint for mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.


Imperial House is committed to rigorous academics and to individual educational success. We understand that when difficult times interfere with an adolescent’s life- the ability to focus and to be successful academically is often not realized. At IH, we weave academics into daily living – so that our clients are able to maintain progress towards academic goals.

In order to provide each client with the opportunity to thrive academically – Destination Success offers the following:

  • Masters level, SpEd certified Academic Director
  • Accredited academic program
  • Skilled teaching mentors
  • Customized academic planning
  • Rigorous curriculum
  • Small class sizes (up to 16 students)

Talk to a Real Person

We are happy to answer any questions or offer further details about our program.


We believe that the food and what we put into our bodies is absolutely crucial to emotional and mental wellbeing. Like a plant needs water to thrive and flourish, the body needs wholesome and soul-supporting food. At IHE, we have a seasoned chef that prepares each delicious, nutrient-dense meal with the utmost care and love. We also incorporate the specific dietary needs of each client in meal planning.


Part of our approach is engaging the body as well as the mind. Our bodies need to move and experience the world and our minds needs to be intellectually stimulated. We have weekly, monthly, and tri-annual activities that support body and mind and emotional wellbeing, including hiking, museum touring, yoga, and more. Our social activities help build morale and allow us to also bring fun into the healing process.